You can tell that the people who developed Lego Marvel “get it” because to unlock Ant Man you have to dig him out of a pile of shit

  • Big Boss: Ocelot you know a lot about guns right
  • Ocelot: You're damn right I do
  • Big Boss: I was wondering, do you think that you could somehow make the muzzle of this gun bigger? Like wider, y'know?
  • Ocelot: Boss do you want to make the muzzle of your gun wider so that you can stick your dick inside of it
  • Ocelot: Boss if you have a gun that you want to fuck you have come to the right man
  • Big Boss: I wanted to make it bigger because then it could shoot bigger bullets
  • Ocelot:
  • Big Boss: Bigger bullets hurt more

I thought of something that bothers me about the whole female Thor, black Captain America thing. Now, I feel like I should preface it though by saying I’m not against it and I don’t mean to say Marvel shouldn’t be doing it. I think both are sound cool, temporary as they may be, but I just thought of something that bugged me. Anyways, I saw a post a parent made about how they didn’t really understand how meaningful those changes could be until they saw their young daughter putting on a toy Thor helmet and that they were glad she’d have a version of Thor that looked like her. That’s all well and good but the thing is are kids really going to get to see these changes? Comics are primarily for adults these days and, while I feel like that’s slowly starting to change, the changes to these characters are primarily impacting books that are probably inappropriate for most kids.

Marvel isn’t publishing any kid friendly Avengers book that I’m aware of for them to show up in. The Avengers cartoon probably isn’t going to suddenly have Falcon take up Captain America’s mantel. They most certainly are not going to do Thor 3 with a woman playing Thor. These characters are most visible to kids outside the realm of comics and it just sucks that the audience I think these changes would be most impactful for aren’t going to get to see them.

It’s one thing for a little girl to just know that Thor is a woman now and an entirely different one for her to actually have stories about Thor as a woman. Stories that aren’t written and drawn by men with an intended audience she is not a part of in several respects and can only be acquired from a special shop that may or may not be full of misogynistic men who hate the new Thor or are too distracted by her breasts to care.

I’m considering what kind of Scott/Logan/Jean bullshit is probably going to happen after Logan comes back and possibly meets Jean in the afterlife and I want to fucking throw something

Avengers Assemble #16 by Kelly Sue Deconnick, Matteo Buffagni, and Jordie Bellaire

something to think about is how much time kelsey grammer had to spend getting into full beast makeup for his seconds long, soft focus, and two word line cameo at the very end of days of future past

Hey, real talk, how much longer are we going to pretend that Ultimate universe Jessica Drew isn’t trans?

Ultimate Extinction #1 by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson

Ultimate Extinction #1 by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson

Ultimate Extinction #1 by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson

Ultimate Extinction #1 by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson

Ultimate Extinction #1 by Warren Ellis and Brandon Peterson


Giant Size X-Men #1 by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum

Speaking of under-appreciated X-men, let’s talk about Sunfire and how he quits and rejoins the team in the span of a single page and is a huge asshole about both

Giant Size X-Men introduces 3 characters who are all grumpy, anti-authority tough guys and I think it is such a damn shame that Wolverine is the one who stuck around and not Thunderbird, who probably comes by it the most rightfully and could’ve used some more characterization to make him less of a stereotype, or Sunfire, who is just such a hilarious asshole