Am I the only one who’s getting pretty damn tired of all the arguing in the email section of the bombcast

Batman: Gotham Adventures #43

Batman: Gotham Adventures #43

Batman: Gotham Adventures #43

Jotaro says “Piss off.”

So there’s finally some actual discussion going on about Ground Zeroes, which is good. I’m glad that stuff is finally starting to get out there, even if it is a month after the fact, but there’s just one thing I wanted to bring up because I still haven’t noticed anyone else talking about it.

So, in the final boss fight of Peace Walker when Paz drops her cover, she also reveals that’s not her real name and starts demanding to be called by her real one. Does nobody else see a problem with how everybody, including Snake who was being directly addressed with those demands, still calls her Paz? That it’s not enough for her to get tortured and raped and all that, but that nobody, including the people trying to rescue her, will show her enough respect to call her by her real name? That name may also be “Pacifica Ocean”, but still. Those scenes exist to try and make the audience take a helmetless Darth Vader lookin’ motherfucker named Skullface seriously, so it’s not like the goofiness is the problem.

You are having a memorial service and the best picture that you can find, the picture that you are using to represent who this person was in life, is this one.

A picture from the time in the deceased’s life where they were basically caught in a state of perpetually cosplaying the dude from Ctrl-Alt-Del.

This is who Peter Parker was in life. A beloved nephew, a trusted friend, gifted with skill and know-how beyond his years, somebody you could always rely on to do the right thing, a true hero if there ever was one. Also, super into gaming webcomics from the early/mid 2000s. Like, scarily so.

polnareff gettin’ serious about that booty

Girl On Board by Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred

From All-New Marvel Now Point One

Sex Criminals #4 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

What if Marvel decided that the Ultimate universe had a pretty decent run (One with some good highs and more than it’s fair share of lows, but all-in-all an okay run) and decided to retire the line after the whole Cataclysm thing was done.

What if Marvel realized what they really had with Miles Morales and, rather than keeping him cooped up in a little box away from the far more visible mainline comics they put out, they’d give him some much more representation.

What if the whole Superior Spider-Man story didn’t end with Peter coming back just like everyone knew was going to happen from day one, but with Miles returning to the main universe and becoming the “real” Spider-Man. Not some other hero affiliated with Spider-Man like Scarlet Spider or something while Peter Parker is back, but straight up mainline, 616, name-of-the-book-is Spider-Man.

What if I’d realize that being optimistic and excited about mainstream comics sooner or later always ends up being bad idea.